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Mission: Find the perfect scooter for your needs

Need some help finding the perfect vehicle? Look no further because we’re here to help.

Read through our recommendations below to get an idea of what each vehicle is designed to do for you.

After you understand the vehicles, or if there are just too many to choose from, come to our Showroom and give each one a test drive. We also have demo models for a number of our competitor’s products so you can compare our vehicles directly.

  • Lightweight and Easy-to-Carry Option for Smooth Surfaces:
    • Zendrian ZX-8
  • Everyday Scooter for Commuting
    • For 1-2 day charging: ZX-9 Standard
    • For weekly charging: ZX-9 Long Range
  • Ideal for Full Day Rides, such as Bang Kachao a Park, or to cover a lot of ground:
    • Zendrian ZX-9 Long Range
    • Zendrian ZX-X
  • Scooters with Sitting Options:
    • Consider the Seat Add-On for ZX-9 Standard and ZX-9 Long Range
  • Scooter Delivery Service Usage:
    • Zendrian ZX-9 Long Range
    • Zendrian ZX-X
    • Coverage: 5KM radius with 0-1 battery swaps/day, or 10km radius with 1-2 battery swap/day.
    • Consider the CarryBox Add-On for extra carrying capacity
  • Hotel Rental Fleet Choices:
    • Zendrian ZX-9 Standard
    • Zendrian ZX-9 Long Range (depends on surrounding area)
  • Suitable for Over 100kg Riders:
    • Zendrian ZX-X
  • High-Speed, Steep Hill Climbing, and Sporty Performance:
    • Zendrian ZX-X

The Overview

The Zendrian ZX-8 is designed for ladies, teenagers, and anyone who needs a lightweight (9kg), capable and highly portable option. Top speed is about 20km/h and range is about 10-15km per charge. The 4.5″ wheels are compact and suitable for smoother surfaces, such as University Campuses, inside buildings, and on driveways. Top rider weight 100kg.

Zendrian ZX-9 Standard and Long Range: Our best selling electric scooter. Weighs 12kg for the Standard model, and 14kg for Long Range. It can go for 20km and 40km, respectively on one charge, and the battery is “1 minute” swap-able, so you can put another in your backpack and go forever. Folds for easy storage in a vehicle, office, or condo, and still small enough to fit on an elevator or on the train. Top speed 32km/h, and 10″ wheels can handle the toughest paved surfaces in Thailand. A premium choice for getting around the city in style. Top rider weight 120kg.

Zendrian ZX-X is a powerful workhorse. Sporting 1100 watts of power in the rear motor, it can zip you along at 40km/h for 50-60km per charge and easily pull you up 15 degree slopes at speed. The wide 10″ tubeless tires provide substantial grip, even in off-road conditions, and the dual hybrid hydraulic braking system provides secure stopping performance in every condition. An excellent choice for serious riders and every-day commuters who make no compromises. Top rider weight is 150kg.

Zendrian Explorer One E-Bike is a motorcycle replacement bike that can achieve 55km/h for 80km per charge. With 32″ fat tire knobby wheels, it can handle any terrain the country throws at you. The comfortable sitting position and backup pedals gives this vehicles a virtually unlimited range. Weighs 25kg. Supports riders up to 180kg.

zenS8 Electric Tricycle is for Adults is an innovative, compact way for enhanced mobility in a very portable package. The top speed is 25km/h and the range is around 15km per charge, which the tricycle itself weighs in at 15kg. Designed for riders weighing between 40 and 90kg, the zenS8 is foldable and stands on it’s own behind a door or in a closet for easy storage.

ZennyMini is the perfect choice for children who are learning to balance, and want to follow along with mom and dad around the neighborhood. Top speed is just 12km/h and can be adjusted slower for new riders. Easy to ride, comes in bright and fun colors, the ZennyMini is sure to delight everyone around. Top rider weight 35kg