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Regulations and Instructions – Zendrian Scooter Rental

Welcome to Zendrian and to the world of personal electric vehicles! We’re excited to share our modern technology with you and hope you’ll take a moment to understand how to take good care of the vehicle and yourself.


  • For normal daily operations, it’s recommended to recharge to 100% every day
  • Pay attention to the vehicle while charging. Disconnect the charger once charged.
  • If the scooter has just been used and the battery area is hot, allow it to cool before entering a building or putting the scooter into a car or an enclosed space such as an elevator. 
  • If the scooter will be unused for 30 days or more, charge the battery to about 80% and then re-charge for 15-30 minutes every 2 weeks. This will maintain the health of the battery.


  • Remove mud or dirt from the lower section of the scooter with clean water. Don’t use any cleaning agents as they may reduce braking power. Clean the rest with a moist cloth.
  • It’s not recommended to leave the vehicle outside, exposed to the environment for long periods of time as it may cause rust to develop or the humidity may affect the internal components
  • The vehicle isn’t designed to be left in the rain or in direct sunlight (especially in a hot car) which can damage the electronics and battery. 
  • Consider the security of the scooter when leaving it for more than a few minutes unprotected


  • Follow local signs and instructions about where the scooter may be used. In Thailand, electric scooters are unregulated and their use may not be permitted on major roads or in dense areas.
  • Become comfortable riding and stopping in a safe practice area before operating near any hazard.
  • Prevent untrained/unsafe drivers or any children from operating the vehicle. All riders must complete and submit a liability waiver before usage.
  • Drive with utmost care around other vehicles, pedestrians, animals and objects. They can be unpredictable and you may cause an accident.
  • Slow down significantly on rough pavement or before curbs and bumps in the road that may catch the front wheel
  • Don’t engage in stunts, such as jumps, skidding stops, or rapid turns as they may damage you or the scooter. 
  • Avoid driving through standing water. It may be deeper than you can tell, cause a slip, or it may damage the electronics. Light rain on the surface is ok but be aware of decreased traction.
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment and clothing including a helmet (head protection) and appropriate footwear for the conditions and experience level of the driver.
  • If a tire goes flat, discontinue use until it is repaired. During rentals, we’ll replace one flat tire per 30 days of rental at our cost, flats from aggressive use may be subject to our regular 400 baht service fee.

IF YOU NEED ANY HELP, GIVE US A CALL AT +66 02 460 7551 or Line @Zendrian