Battery Powered Air Pump – Xiaomi Model


Xiaomi Mijia Mi Portable Electric Air Pump 1S (no charger is included) – requires standard USB port

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Air Pump can Inflate Electric scooters, Electric Bicycles as well as many other inflatable items.

The Air Pump comes with an LED display and bright light for use in the dark.

There is a push button on the front of the metal case. Inside contains 120 mm air ducts. Total barrery capacity is about 2000 mAh. To use, select the pressure required (PSI) on the digital gauge and press start. The pump will stop filling once the requested pressure is reached.

It can inflate with a pressure of between 3 PSI to 150 PSI or 0.2 to 10.3 bar. It can also auto-stop if pressure settings are detected in a user-configured pressure mode.

With a full charge, the Air Pump can inflate up to 5 car tires or 8 bicycle tires or 7 soccer balls.

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