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Zendrian and Chill: Revolutionizing Micromobility with Flexibility

In a world where flexibility and convenience are key, many are looking for transportation options that fit a non-traditional mold. Whether you’re an expat planning a short-term stay in Thailand, someone who keeps a keen eye on evolving technology, or simply someone coveting the freedom of mobility without the commitment of ownership, the traditional act of buying a scooter might not seem appealing. That’s where our game-changing program, “Zendrian and Chill,” comes into play, tailored to address these very concerns.

Understanding Your Hesitations

We’ve listened to many potential customers who are intrigued by the idea of micromobility but are hesitant due to various factors:

  • The uncertainty of a permanent stay in Thailand.
  • The fear of investing in technology that could quickly become outdated.
  • Limited space at home for maintenance.
  • Uncertainty about whether an e-bike or e-scooter suits their lifestyle.
  • The need for a flexible payment plan.
  • Concerns about warranty fulfillment and support.
  • Indecision about the best vehicle model for their needs.

Recognizing these valid concerns led us to innovate the Zendrian and Chill program – a subscription service that brings unprecedented flexibility and simplicity to personal electric vehicle ownership.

How Does Zendrian and Chill Work?

Think of it as the Netflix for personal electric vehicles. Here’s what makes it stand out:

1. Wide Selection of Vehicles

Choose from our vast lineup including the ZX-9, ZX-9 Long Range, ZXX, Harley Rider, and Cruiser E-Bike. The best part? You’re free to switch your ride once a month, ensuring you always have the perfect vehicle for your current needs.

2. Brand New Vehicle Every Year

Always ride the latest model. Each year of your subscription, you’ll receive a brand new vehicle, keeping you on the cutting edge of micromobility technology without additional cost.

3. Maintenance and Repairs Included

Forget about the hassle and expense of maintenance. All servicing and repairs are covered by us. Just bring the vehicle back, and we’ll either fix it or replace it.

  • Flat tire? -> Free repair
  • Major malfunction? -> Switch to another scooter
  • Battery getting old? -> Free replacement

The only things we don’t cover are water & heat damage, theft, and shipping charges for the vehicle to and from us.

Program Requirements

To ensure a smooth and secure experience, we have a few simple requirements for joining Zendrian and Chill:

  • Valid Credit Card: A valid credit card is necessary for monthly charges. Our program currently does not support bank transfers, debit cards, cash/ATM cards, pre-paid VISA/MC cards, or cash payments.
  • Minimum Subscription Period: There’s a minimum commitment of 3 months to start, after which you can cancel anytime should your circumstances change.
  • ID Verification and Semi-Permanent Residence: A quick ID verification process and a confirmation of a semi-permanent residence in Thailand are required. Unfortunately, short-term lodging like hotels or AirBNBs do not qualify unless under a minimum 3-month contract.

Perfect for Every Lifestyle

Zendrian and Chill is designed to cater to anyone needing flexibility in their life with as few hassles as possible. It’s especially ideal for:

  • Expats with a Limited Stay: Not sure how long you’ll be in Thailand? This program offers you the mobility you need without the permanence of buying.
  • Tech-Savvy Individuals: Stay ahead with the latest e-bike or e-scooter models every year without the worry of your vehicle becoming obsolete.
  • The Indecisive Buyer: Unsure which vehicle fits best? The freedom to switch models monthly means you can test drive multiple options.
  • Those Seeking Hassle-Free Maintenance: Leave the upkeep to us. Focus on enjoying your ride while we handle any issues that arise.


With Zendrian and Chill, we’re not just offering a subscription to an electric vehicle; we’re providing a lifestyle solution that prioritizes flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to the long-term commitments and uncertainties of traditional vehicle ownership and hello to a new, revolutionary way to explore and enjoy your world. Welcome to the future of micromobility, tailored perfectly to fit your life and your terms.

Zendrian and Chill Vehicles

Zendrian ZX-9 Standard
Deposit: 3,000. Monthly: 1,490. Minimum term: 3 months

Zendrian ZX-9 Long Range
Deposit: 3,000. Monthly: 1,890. Minimum term: 3 months

Zendrian ZX-X
Deposit: 4,000. Monthly: 2,850. Minimum term: 3 months

Zendrian Harley Rider
Deposit: 4,000. Monthly: 2,850. Minimum term: 3 months. *Available of this vehicle may be limited

Zendrian Cruiser City E-Bike
Deposit: 4,000. Monthly: 2,850. Minimum term: 3 months.

Zendrian Explorer One E-Bike
Deposit: 5,500. Monthly: 5,490. Minimum term: 3 months

For all the details, check the Zendrian and Chill Service Agreement (PDF) here.

The whole process takes just 10 minutes!