Zendrian and Chill: Electric Scooter Subscription

Zendrian and Chill is an innovative subscription service that gets you an electric scooter or an electric bicycle without needing to commit long term or worry about things like maintenance or warranties. It’s much more than a rental or leasing service. For example:

  • Flat tire? -> Free repair
  • Major malfunction? -> Get another scooter
  • Battery getting old? -> Free replacement

The only things we don’t cover are water & heat damage, theft, and shipping charges for the vehicle to and from us.

  • Choose which vehicle you’d like to drive
  • Enter your contact details and a credit card
  • Pay the deposit, and each month we’ll bill your card
  • Then we ship the vehicle to your door!

Super easy!

You can switch to another vehicle at any time, or just bring it back to cancel anytime after the minimum term!

Zendrian and Chill Vehicles

Zendrian ZX-9 Standard
Deposit: 3,000. Monthly: 1,490. Minimum term: 3 months

Zendrian ZX-9 Long Range
Deposit: 3,000. Monthly: 1,890. Minimum term: 3 months

Zendrian ZX-X
Deposit: 4,000. Monthly: 2,850. Minimum term: 3 months

Zendrian Explorer One E-Bike
Deposit: 5,500. Monthly: 5,490. Minimum term: 3 months

Zendrian and Chill Service Agreement (PDF)

During the check-out, we’ll ask for a copy of your ID and proof of address, such as a copy of your utility bill or rental contract.