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Important information about buying Ninebot and Xiaomi

We have made special arrangements with a partner to supple Ninebot and Xiaomi products at below manufacturer’s suggested retail prices. When you buy a Ninebot or Xiaomi product through us, we are forwarding your order to our partner for direct fulfillment. Delivery will take about 1-2 weeks from the time of your payment.

About your Purchase
If you purchase a Ninebot vehicle from this page, your order will be fulfilled by our authorized partner. The order will be shipped internationally – with taxes and duty prepaid – directly to your shipping address. The owner of this website acts only to collect payment on behalf of the seller. The average delivery time is 10-15 days.

Is there a warranty?
No, there is not a local warranty available for your product. If your product is defective on arrival, you can receive a full refund under the terms of our refund policy (within 15 days after delivery). For any other type of issue or beyond 15 days from delivery, we can recommend a repair shop that is able to service or repair your product.

Why is the price so low?
Our international arrangement allows us to secure excellent pricing which we forward on to you.

Is the product authentic?
Your order will be fulfilled by an authorized partner who supplies only original equipment from the brand’s authorized factory.

Ninebot ES2