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Affiliate Registration

Are you an influencer with an audience in Bangkok Thailand? Perhaps your audience is interested in the sights around Bangkok, or what the Digital Nomad lifestyle is all about. Or perhaps you’re part of a concierge service, tour booking kiosk, or work at the front desk at a busy Bangkok hotel.

Zendrian Micromobility has a unique affiliate program that can earn serious commissions on rentals of electric bicycles, standing e-scooters, and mobility scooters (excellent for people who don’t want to be on their feet for too long). When someone books a rental using your affiliate link, the purchase will be linked to your account immediately, and we pay out weekly with a domestic bank transfer or Paypal. So many tourists arriving to Bangkok quickly realize that transportation is a serious problem, especially as they go further from the trains, which coincidentally is where many of the interesting temples and other sights are.

We support all traffic that is legally compliant in Thailand including blogs, opt-in email newsletters, paid traffic, Social Media, and more. If you’re unsure, please feel free to drop us a line.

If your audience is large enough, we’d be pleased to lend you no-cost access to our rental bikes and scooters for your complete review.

Commissions don’t end with rentals either. We also sell micromobility vehicles and accessories of all types, and purchases are eligible too.

Traffic Cookie Lifetime: 30 days
Affiliate Priority: Last click
Minimum Payout: 100 baht
Refund Grace Period: 30 days* (for purchases. Rentals are paid after the rental is completed)

Rental commissions starting at 10%. Purchase commissions starting at 5%.

Please submit your application below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Please share your ideas for promotion including links to your websites or social media profiles, as applicable.

If you want us to send your payment by Thai bank transfer, please supply your account in the format:
ex: SCB/John Doe/1234567890

*You can set this later in your account settings.