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Discover the Future of Micromobility with Zendrian’s Subscription Service: Zendrian and Chill

Navigating the bustling streets of Thailand or exploring its serene landscapes has never been easier, thanks to micromobility. However, we understand that committing to purchasing an e-scooter or e-bike can be daunting due to various concerns:

  • Limited residence duration in Thailand
  • Fear of quickly outdated technology
  • Lack of space for maintenance
  • Uncertainty about ownership
  • Desire for flexible payment options
  • Concerns about warranty and support
  • Indecision on the perfect model

Introducing Zendrian and Chill: Your Micromobility Subscription Service

Zendrian is proud to be at the forefront of micromobility innovation, offering a unique solution that addresses all these concerns and more. Imagine enjoying the convenience of your personal electric vehicle without the long-term commitment – that’s Zendrian and Chill.

How It Works:

  1. Wide Selection: Dive into our range of vehicles, including the zx-9, zx-9 long range, ZXX, Harley Rider, and City E-Bike. Excitingly, you have the option to switch models once a month!
  2. Yearly Upgrades: Each year, receive the latest model of your chosen vehicle, ensuring you’re always at the cutting edge of technology.
  3. Hassle-free Maintenance: We’ve covered all maintenance and repairs, ensuring a seamless experience. Simply return the vehicle to us for any necessary services.
Subscribing to Zendrian and Chill is as Simple as Picking your ride!
Subscribing to Zendrian and Chill is as Simple as Picking your ride!

Simple Requirements for an Uncomplicated Life:

  • A valid credit card for monthly charges, with prompt notifications for updates if needed.
  • A minimum commitment of 4 months, with the flexibility to cancel afterward.
  • A quick ID verification, a semi-permanent residence in Thailand, and a Thai phone number. Note: No hotels or AirBNBs unless under a contract of 4 months minimum.

Get Started Today:

Signing up is a breeze and takes just about 10 minutes. You could be cruising on your new vehicle as soon as tomorrow!

Why wait? Embrace the future of micromobility with Zendrian and Chill – the easiest and most advanced way to stay motorized. Say goodbye to the hassles of ownership and hello to endless adventures on the roads of Thailand. Join now and let the journey begin.

For any questions, please contact us at anytime through our Facebook Messenger